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This is me, Jill,


Finally starting a blog that I’ve planned to do for years. I decided to start the year by ticking off one of my goals. I have a lot of goals set for this year.

So who am I?

I am a busy 36 year old, crazy, manic, wear my heart on my sleeve mother of three. Married to my best friend Stuart (the Scotsman) who I met in Portugal, we have just had our 16th Christmas together.

Why do I think people will want to read about me?

Well, I have a life that has a story that you couldn’t make up! All my adult life, people have said I should write a book on my life. My children keep me on my toes and the scares they’ve had have been terrible. I think many other parents can relate to me. I want other parents to know they are not alone in this big scary world! I’ve also had and still have plenty health scares myself.

It may be a quote that’s not that nice but it is true, we are only here for a visit! On that confirmation, I intend to live my life to the full.

I am the queen of holidays and adventure and I am constantly planning something. I have lived in various places throughout Europe and my dad is foreign. I love culture, diversity and sunshine!!

We are currently renovating our home that I promise I will always keep (large gulp as my nickname is the gypsy). I do love my home even if it is killing me (lol). My mum lives with me (big Gill) and it really is a mad house. In that mad house, there are 3 adults, 3 children, 2 dogs, 7 chickens, 5 rabbits, 2 Guinea pigs and a tortoise! Don’t worry, you will get to meet them all.

On that note, I welcome you to join my mad journey! Make sure you buckle up, it could get hairy!!

come take a jump with me into my crazy life