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So what is Autumn to me?


Autumn is my favourite time of year. It always has been! It brings back heaps of memories about my childhood. Running round my grans gardens all day, never to be found! I’d be out as soon as I woke up and would only come in when I heard my grans voice shouting me in for tea. I was like this all year, but Autumn was different. I would go to the garden centre and buy my favourite winter bulbs. I’d make my big garden shed ready for winter. Tidy up the carpets and my seating area etc. My wax jacket would come out. I’d sit and watch the trees start to talk. The way all the colours would change. I found it all very magical. I see so much of me in Athena. Magical stories all around. Hunting for fairies under the falling leaves. Believing in magic. Quite content with my own company and nature. I always found stuff to do in the gardens.

Quite funny, I’ve not changed really. I was meant to be running hubby a bath yesterday but I’d forgot and he found me lifting flags in the back garden with all my hens and ducks round me. They were super excited to find all the worms to eat (sorry little worms)!

All year long, I would rather be in my garden than inside. I get so excited watching the cycles of nature.

So, first things first today, I needed to put my Autumn wreath on the door!

Now, that’s better!!!

Today we have been very busy, we made a scarecrow! Think I’ve found a new family tradition! We had such fun and so did the ducks and hens following me!

Meet ‘Jeff’, he’s promised to ward off all predators that might like duck or chicken for tea!!

I got two pieces of wood, and a couple of bags of straw. My mum went to the charity shop for the jeans and shirt. The rest of the accessories are from mums room! It was so funny sorting it and making him look silly!

Lastly on my list today was the Halloween box! I’ll finish decorating later but it’s another one of my traditions. I like to decorate through October for Autumn and Halloween.

That’s the first decorations out. I love this battery operated pumpkin ornament. My children get excited about the decoration boxes coming out for each of the occasions as that’s the joys of decorations. They create memories. I still remember all my favourite Christmas decorations that my mum had.

I bought some ace Christmas decorations yesterday but that’s another blog!

What’s your favourite thing about Autumn?

If you want to catch more of what I get up to, you can find ‘tutsilife’ on instagram!

Now, back to my decorating!

Ciao for now x

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