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Going Inland

This trip was only a 30 minute drive from our apartment in Vilamoura and it was very easy to find the beautiful town of ‘Alte’.

As a child in all the time I spent here in Portugal, we went everywhere but when I was here as a young mum living, we didn’t really venture out too far. Now being older with older children, I want to show them the magic of Portugal, just like I was lucky enough to see.


On arriving into the Town, one of the first things you will notice is the huge flag painted on the mountainside, very dramatic!

alte 57

We parked in front of this were there was free parking and it was a ten minute walk to the main water. You can drive up and park right next to it but we wanted a walk around. It was really quiet in the town but it was siesta time.

We walked across the bridge and it was beautiful. Just follow the sign for the ‘Fontes’.

It was a breath of fresh air from the month so far in Vilamoura. If you don’t know, August is crazy busy in the Algarve when all of the Northerners of Portugal come down for their annual vacation. So to step away for the day and go exploring, was fantastic. It also has cooled down over the last few days, which was needed. The lovely Portuguese breeze has returned some too.

We turned up the road and started the short and very enjoyable stroll up to the water. The town is steeped in beauty, history and religion.

Just before we got sight of the water, we started to hear laughter and we got really excited! As we turned the corner, it was magical! I love hearing Portuguese children. They were singing and jumping, just so happy!

We easily found a spot to sunbath by the water and there was a lovely café by the water too.

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Of course Wallace wanted to bomb straight in and even suggested he did it off one of the bridges, loud “NO” followed! Although the other children were jumping off everywhere with no fear at all! The atmosphere was lovely, very hard to put into words. It was calm, chilled, happy, sunny and very therapeutic. As you can imagine with such a hot summer with little rainfall, the water was low and the waterfall was dried up, but not too dried up to stop fun!

It was just great to be in natural water and taking in the wildlife and environment. We found a large frog resting in the wall and there were red dragon flies everywhere.

If you want to go back to nature with children and know they won’t get bored and agitated even though it’s hot then I highly recommend this visit. There is a stage up and lots of seating as events are put on here too.

For more information, Visit Portugal will fill you in on more history and what’s on for this beautiful Portuguese town.

For more videos and photos of this great day, please see my Instagram.


Ciao for now x

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