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I have never been impressed by any bath bomb other than ‘Lush’ ever, until now that is! This new brand fills me with super excitement. The appeal of the brand is everything I go for!

Not tested on animals and all recycled packaging that is super stylish!


Simple, stylish and very pretty!!

When I go shopping, I always have my favourite shops that I always buy from, Lush being one of them. I don’t usually get much change from £50 after I’ve bought a treat for each of my three children and of course something for me. If stuff was more reasonably priced then like any brand, people would buy more often and it wouldn’t just be classed as a treat or birthday gift.

What I’ve found with ‘Karma Cactus’ is not only is it super pleasing on the eye, it’s also ‘Priced More Affordably’!

So what was in my goody bag?


Meg, Michaela and Joanne have been extremely creative and conscientious about this brand! No wonder, it’s their baby and you can see how much their business means to them!

One of my favourite products from Karma Cactus has to be the egg box full of treats!

How creative?

These went down a storm with my family!


There is so much to come from this brand! Every week new products are being introduced!

To buy products from Karma Cactus you currently order through ‘Etsy’. Please see the link.

Karma Cactus Products For Sale

I follow them on Facebook and keep my eye on what’s coming! They have some fantastic products for Valentines Day! To keep up to date with Karma Cactus then please see the link.

Also, if you message them with requests, they are very accommodating! I have made multiple requests. For example, I have asked for the egg boxes with male themed bath bombs as my son always feels left out when the girls get them. The smells, themes and colours were perfect for men/boys.

Karma Cactus on Facebook

This next product has to be one of my favourites! The idea of not wasting any products is simply amazeballs. It’s like a little bit of magic as you sprinkle your magic dust into your bath! Imagine the excitement of my children!

A box full of magic!


How about the new ‘Shower Steamers’?

My little girl is off school poorly so I thought I’d give her a pamper bath! All of the Karma Cactus bath bombs literally erupt as soon as they hit the water and they last!

If only my blog had ‘SmellOVision’! Every product smells Devine!

There’s just something fun and refreshing by having a nice pamper.

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Isn’t that what beauty products are no matter what kind?

They’re something that’s a treat, something that makes us feel better!

The success of this brand is that in a climate where we have too much waste and everything is so easily replaced at a cost to the planet, Karma Cactus takes away that guilt!

The guilt free treat!

Something that we can’t say very often these days!

I am very excited to see what else comes from this creative brand.


Give them a follow on Instagram to!

Karma Cactus on Instagram

I truly believe you’ll all love Karma Cactus!


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