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On a bleak Spring day, the sun was just starting to awaken for the first time in 2018. Catch up with my year in pictures – Part 1 in the Lake District

The problem with blogging these days is that I take most of my pictures on my phone and blog and update social media from there too. However, I take a lot of pictures on my Nikon camera too. So I thought I would give you a catch up on here as I start to add them to my Instagram account. You can keep up with me on Instagram here:

Tutsilife on Instagram

I am extremely lucky to have the Lake District 40 minutes from my house. It is stunning and I admit that I don’t go as much as I should. It is simply because of how busy it is and the fact that I am obsessed with Scotland and go up there at any opportunity. If you avoid the more tourist areas then it’s not as bad. I’ve ticked all them off many years ago. It is breath taking scenery.

For more information on visiting the Lakes then please see here

I’m not necessarily going to put these photos in the exact order. I don’t want to take anything away from you if you have never been to the lakes. I also know that Lake District enthusiasts will enjoy guessing where I took the pictures. Just so you know, I did start by crossing the ‘Hawkshead Ferry’. I did go to Beatrix Potter’s house, ‘Hill Top’ and I went to Coniston, Elterwater and the Langdales. Please remember my photos are ‘Copyright’ thanks.

As always, I recommend the ‘National Trust’. It is not just access to houses and gardens, your membership will get you free parking in certain places. You can now pay your membership by monthly direct debit which really breaks down the cost.

You can see membership offers and join here

Here I go……


and on I went….


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