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For those that followed me in summer,  you will know that I visited Cardiff for three days with my mum and my children. Visiting Cardiff was a real tick off my list. I don’t know why but I’ve wanted to go for way too long! In my other blogs you can see what I thought in more detail and you can see a post I did related to hotel stays for those families who have more than four people in them.

Anyway, here is a flashback to my trip to Cardiff. I would definitely recommend a visit!

For more information on Cardiff then please see the website, ‘Visit Cardiff’ here

Don’t you just love the adventure of a road trip?

It screams my childhood to me! I have the greatest memories.


These pictures are taken at Cardiff Bay. The sun was shining, the water glistening and it was beautiful. It was very classy too. I will go back as there was a lot more to explore. I love my visits to Wales, it’s a very beautiful country.

For more information on the Bay, please see here

On my way home from Cardiff I called off at the Cotswolds and I’ll give you that in part 3.

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