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Athena was recently invited to Karma Cactus’s first EVER party and she was super duper excited! She’d never made her own bath bombs! She put on her party clothes and off she trotted. Although very excited, she was very nervous as there was going to be lots of other children there that she did not know.

athena party ready karma cactus

There was nothing to be nervous about! As the first to arrive, the place was ace (Athena’s words)! It was all pretty and magical with bright colours and clean lines. Every single thing about Karma Cactus has been meticulously thought out! I felt like a big kid as I entered and I wished it was me about to sit at the table and play with all of the magical potions!












The staff were warm, friendly and the whole place had a safe and comfortable vibe about it. Slowly the other guests started to arrive, all with this magical excitement about them, wondering what was to come!

They all put an apron on and took a seat. The staff went through all of the instructions, health and safety and what exactly was in the tubs on the table. All were offered gloves to put on and off they went. Time to make some mess!!!



Bath Bomb teacher Joanne!!


And again with business partner Michaela!

The children had a blast, as did the parents watching how all the magic happens. They all had different colours and scents. It was nice to see Athena make some new friends. It is definitely a confidence booster when you’re put into new circles. I was proud of her. It makes me realise how quickly she’s growing up!

After all of that hard work, it would have been rude not to have some cake and a drink. All of the children went and washed their hands, safely escorted by the staff.



Now for more fun! Pass the parcel whilst wearing oven gloves. It probably has a proper name but I don’t know it! You start opening the parcel and you don’t pass it on till someone rolls a double on the dice. It was hilarious! A couple of times, the children used their mouths in desperation to win the prize! It came back to Athena’s turn and it was super close. I may or may not have turned into one of those mums screaming for her to “JUST RIP IT”!! So funny! Anyway, she won and what a fab way to end an amazing party!


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Now the children’s bath bombs were more set so they collected theirs up and put them in boxes ready to take home. They even got to keep their magical fairy dust to sprinkle in the bath!



A quick play on the chalk wall whilst the parents gathered their thoughts.




Thank You Karma Cactus for our cool party!

For those wanting to book a party at Karma Cactus, they will cater to any needs, be it a teens pamper night, a mums pamper party (bring your own alcohol), children’s and basically any occasion you can think of. It would even be a laugh as part of a hen party for a daytime activity before you go out!

Perfectly located on Market Street in Chorley with parking all around, you could just do it for some weekend fun. No excuses needed, everyone loves bath bombs and all things pamper! Mums working, then dads, pop down with the wee ones, you know you’d have fun!


Need to pick up some gifts, then you can pop in. Mothers Day is only a few days away!


Got a question, message them on Facebook below.

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