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The beautiful wee fishing village of Portmahomack, Tain.


Whilst looking at the map, I searched this area as I fancied how far out it came in a bay. Pot luck when I found a golf course in the same village for my husband and son to play. Even more lucky is the lovely sunny weather for the day we had chosen to visit.

I dropped the boys off at the village golf club….


and went to explore the village with numero 3.

I was in heaven, all my senses tingling as I felt like I was back in Portugal. The warm sea breeze and the salty sea air. We went to the village post office/convenience store and bought ice creams. We crossed over to the sea front and climbed the rocks to sit and eat them. Families played on the sand, people walked about and everyone was in great spirits.

We didn’t really say much. We ate our ice creams and took in the stunning scenery.

I’d like to think my children realise how lucky they are. They sure will when they think back and speak of their adventures to their own children when they have them. We travel at any given opportunity. To me, this is the greatest education in life, taking it all in and learning from everyone along the way. They’ve been to places others never will and it doesn’t have to be across the other side of the world. I love going abroad but I get a knot in my stomach at the thought of our British adventures. So that’s my thoughts, when I’m sat there all peaceful taking it in, knowing how lucky I am, I hope I inspire my family and others that adventures are to any place and at any cost, big or small. A walk down the woods hunting fairies or a jet plane to America. Your call, it’s what you make of it that counts.

Back to our ice creams and that view!

Ice creams finished and toes refreshed in the sea, we took a stroll up to the boats. There was a fisherman busy working away on his boat.

Everyone that drove past or walked past all waved and said hello. It was lovely.

Athena wanted to get up to the seagulls as close as she could which was quite funny to watch. Maybe it’s the new boots I bought her that she insists are spy boots because of the look. She’s now a special agent with super powers!!


As you can see, she got pretty close before they jumped into the water!

Then she thought she was a crab!

She is quite the entertainer!

In the village there was an Italian restaurant, another restaurant, a couple of pubs, a few churches and maybe more that we didn’t spot.

We carried on exploring before going back to the golf club at the top of the hill just a few minutes walk up.

Sadly, we’d just missed lunch service at the golf club which smelt all lovely and home cooked.

The boys met us in there after having a great game on the 9 hole course. The course was in excellent condition!

I think the highlight for Stuart was the Tennent’s lager tap!!


Another part of the beautiful Scotland ticked off! I left there pricing up houses as I seem to do with every Scottish town/city/village I fall in love with.

For more information:


The golf was £15 for adults and only £5 for children.

For more information:

Portmahomack Golf Club

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