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I was invited along to a special evening for Bloggers by the lovely Peter Jackson. I was pretty blown away by what they put on for us and how special they made us feel. There had been a lot of thought and consideration put in to make the night a very unique experience.

I didn’t know there was so many different kinds of diamonds! Don’t be frightened because I keep saying diamonds. I was blow away by the spectrum of choice the shop had. There really was something to suit every budget.

The special occasion of the night was to celebrate the designer, ‘Thomas Sabo’. I was gifted one of the designers charm bracelet and I can’t wait to start creating a story on it! I have two other charm bracelets. The Nomination and the Pandora. Both were gifted to me. This charm bracelet stood out in its own unique way too. I couldn’t compare it to my other two bracelets other than, yes they are all charm bracelets.

Going back to the fact that my other two bracelets were gifted to me. I had a great chat with one of the staff members about how jewellery usually is a gift and how they provide such a great story when you think of them. That’s what so good about it. I look at my different pieces of jewellery and they all have a memory and story to tell. Like, the old jewellery in my keep sake box, every time I get it out, I share a story with my children and it’s like they get a little history lesson about that great gran or that romantic gesture all them years ago. Jewellery, no matter what the price is a timeless heirloom.

A little story I’ll share with you. In 2000, I was approached in a book shop by a woman that basically without prompt told me my past and some destiny. I was taken aback of course but by so I could only stand and stare in disbelief. She knew everything and she made no mistakes. In all that she said, she said that my brothers near fatal crash earlier that year, the only reason he survived was because a great grandma was watching over him. The same grandma who’s ring I have stored as a keepsake under my bed. She told me I had her ring. Now I know what you’re thinking, well most people have keepsakes of grandparents jewellery but this woman knew I had nearly died in the April, she knew all the details of the crash, she knew my step dad had died in the April before. This woman had nothing to gain by approaching me in that book shop. I definitely believed her. Still sends a chill when I think back. So jewellery, yes it creates such a strong connection with the holder. Maybe we treasure them so much that we leave a little piece of ourselves with it when we go.

So why was I so happy to receive my new Thomas Sabo charm bracelet? Because it’s a new piece of me for another chapter in my life!

So back to my fabulous and unique treat from Mr Peter Jackson the jeweller!

We had to guess the price of the full cabinet of diamonds! I didn’t win but my good friend and fellow blogger did! She won some beautiful sparkly earrings.

You can keep up with her life hereCollette and Coco – Blogger & Designer

We got to learn some ace info about ‘Diamond Mining’

There was another little competition to find the diamonds and my friend won again! As she’d won two pairs of the same earrings, she treated me to the other pair!!

Next we got to engrave our Thomas Sabo Charm, another gift form the jeweller!

There was a Makeup Artist – Sonara Parker, a photographer Jenny Higgins , champagne and gorgeous food that was provided by:Bite Club

They even put a new battery in my watch for free!

I had some other cute things in my gift bag and it really was a special treat, to which I’m very grateful for. I will definitely be back for some other treats.

I got to take a plus one too so I took my number 1. It was nice to do something like this with her as she’s older now. We had such a giggle after. We had to leave by the car park and our feet were killing! Too much time standing still gazing at diamonds!

Doesn’t Preston look pretty at night?!

A final parting gift from the lovely jewellers was my own unique discount code for all my lovely followers. No catches and nothing to gain by me! A whopping 15% off. Good timing with Christmas fast approaching!

Go to Peter Jackson – Jewellers

And pop in: TUTS18

to get your discount added!

This code can not be used on clearance items!

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